Legends Race Car Accident

Scale Model Data

Texas Motor Speedway, Dallas, TX

Background: The accident occurred when a Legends race car being driven during a track day for Boy Scouts struck another child and severely injured him. In addition to injuring the bystander, the race car itself was heavily damaged.

What We Did: An identical race car was procured and the trajectory of the accident race car was carefully determined from witness testimony. Using a professional driver who was the same age and weight of the accident driver, the instrumented exemplar vehicle was driven through the accident trajectory and velocity and acceleration data were recorded. A scale model of the scene and trajectory was constructed, along with a similarly scaled model of a football field to give distance perspective to Jurors. Data showed that the race car was (perhaps unintentionally) being driven at near its performance limit when the accident occurred.

Accident car.

Completed model

Exemplar Bandolero car.

Test driver in exemplar test car.