Champaign Vehicle Dynamics and Crash Analysis Expert

Vehicle Dynamics and Crash Analysis Expert Based In Champaign, IL

Dan Metz is your one-stop source for anything related to automobile crash analysis and guaranteeing that the data recorded will assist you with your project or testimony. Midwest Accident Reconstruction Science (MARS) is based in Champaign, IL, and centers on aiding customers with accident reconstruction projects. To date, Dan has reconstructed more than 1,200 passenger car accidents and 75 race car accidents. Dr. Dan Metz has worked on multiple assignments, published scientific papers, and taught seminars across the United States and Western Europe. He covers topics on roadway surfaces, HVE simulation, hydroplaning behaviors, and car handling and tire dynamics.

Recent Publications

Metz, L. D., "Cruise-Control-Initiated Accidents in Rear Wheel Drive Vehicles," SAE paper No. 2018-01-5000 (2018)

Metz, L. D., "Passenger Car Handling Characteristics Associated with Space Saver Spare Tires," SAE Paper No. 2018-01-5027 (2018).

Metz, L. D., "Mathematical Analysis of Tire Delamination Failures," SAE Paper No. 2017-01-1509 (2017).

Metz, L. D., “Friction on Polished vs. Newly Re-Rocked Oil-And-Chip Roadway Surfaces," SAE paper no. 2016-01-1568 (2016).

Metz, L. D., “Potential for Hydroplaning during Transient Maneuvers,” SAE Paper No. 2012-01-0211 (2012). N.B. This paper was awarded the 2012 SAE Excellence in Oral Presentation Award by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Metz, L. D., “Simulation of Transient Maneuver Hydroplaning Events Using HVE," SAE paper no. 2014-01-0122 (2014).

Metz, L. D. & Meyers, D. R., “Estimating Path Clearing Effects during Potential Hydroplaning through the Use of Vehicle CAN Bus Data,” invited paper, SAE Paper No. 2013-01-0408 [also in SAE, Int. J. Passenger. Cars, Mech. Syst., 6:1] (2013).

Metz, L. D., “Potential for Passenger Car Energy Recovery through the Use of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS), SAE Paper No. 2013-01-0407 (2013).