After a stint as a design engineer at Ford Motor Company, Dan Metz returned to school for advanced degrees. He began working in the emerging fields of vehicle dynamics and accident reconstruction as a consultant while earning his PhD in mechanical engineering at Cornell University. At Cornell, Dan collaborated with engineers at Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory (now Calspan) on some of the earliest work in these fields. He completed his PhD at Cornell and published his doctoral thesis on the topic of three-dimensional car crash occupant dynamics.

After earning his PhD, Dan accepted a professorship at the University of Illinois in 1970. While at Illinois, he quickly rose through the academic ranks to become a tenured professor of Engineering. During his 29-year academic career, Dan taught undergraduate and graduate classes in vehicle dynamics, systems & control, computer graphics and engineering design, and supervised over 70 industry-sponsored research projects and numerous graduate students.

Dan formally opened a consulting practice dedicated to accident reconstruction and vehicle dynamics when he arrived at the University of Illinois. As accident-reconstruction and vehicle-dynamics methodology matured, he published dozens of peer-reviewed scientific papers and consulted with insurance companies, attorneys, manufacturers and racing organizations. Dan taught a three-day vehicle dynamics seminar for the Society of Automotive Engineers for 20 years at the annual SAE International Congress and Exhibition and at many company sites throughout the United States, Canada and Western Europe. During the course of his career, Dan won every single Department, College and all-University teaching award available at the University of Illinois, and he was recognized for his work and career in vehicle dynamics and accident reconstruction by being honored as a Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Today, Midwest Accident Reconstruction Science (MARS) boasts clients throughout the world but concentrates on work within the United States, mostly in the Midwest. Dan only works in the areas of accident reconstruction and vehicle dynamics, specializing in consultations within these two areas that are unique, all-inclusive and not duplicated elsewhere. References are available in any number desired and from most locations within the United States.

Dan Metz

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