Accident Reconstruction Experts in Central Illinois

Central Illinois Accident Reconstruction Experts

Dan Metz aims to make it easy for people to get the results they need in one place. He has over 50 years of experience analyzing vehicle accident data and ensuring that those calculations are apparent should your project or testimony go to a trail. He has published multiple scientific papers and has done consultations with insurance companies, attorneys, and car manufacturers. 

Dan created Midwest Accident Reconstruction Science (MARS) which focuses on helping clients throughout the Midwest, specifically in the Central Illinois area. MARS concentrates on accident reconstruction and vehicle dynamics while offering a full line of services: HVE simulations, photography/imagery, expert driving, complete machine shop, and instrumented vehicle testing.

Consulting Qualifications

Dr. Dan Metz has been involved with vehicle consulting and research for five decades. He was a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Society of Automotive Engineers Congress and Exposition, and assorted companies across the United States and Western Europe. His pivot is on four-wheeled vehicles, but he also has an interest in motorcycle dynamics. 

Throughout his consulting and research career Dan has reconstructed more than 1,200 road accidents and 75 racing accidents. His engineering experience has been a part of numerous research papers, trails, depositions, and seminars. He can prove details on how these automobiles encounter various road irregularities during varying weather conditions and speeds.